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      Acrylic acid modified polyester polyol resin
      Product Picture
      Acrylic acid modified polyester polyol resin


      I, Type: JIXIN®LR-6363 is Acrylic acid modified polyester polyol resin.
      II, Specification:

      ITEM# LR-6363
      Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
      Solid content: 70±2%
      Solvent: PMA, Xylene
      Viscosity(23℃): 8000~10000
      Color(Gardner): ≤3
      Carboxyl content: 3.34~3.64
      Acid value mgKOH/g: ≤6

      III, Feature
          LR-6363 is combining the advantages of polyester resin leveling, fullness, dispersibility and acrylic resin fast drying, weather ability, chemical resistance and other characteristics, included excellent pigment dispersion and suspension, recommended for 2KPU high gloss, high Fresh finish. Polyester resin is polymerized through chemical graft and has a wide range of compatibility, can be used to produce a universal paste. LR-6363 has a very good leveling wettability, can be applied for car repair paint, metal paint and high-level nitro-decorative paint. The resin have very good adhesion on variety of substrates, LR-6363 multi-tube primary hydroxyl make the film with more cross-linking points, in this case, the film could be scratch-resistant wear, curing speed and good performance.
      IV, Application:
          Used as a co-reactant with polyisocyanate to formulate self-drying double-component coatings. Also could combined with amine-based resin for the production of high-temperature paint.
      V, Package:
      VI, Solubility:
      Aromatic-ester solvent:               dissolved
      Ketone solvents:                          dissolved
      Aliphatic-alcohol type solvent:   limited dissolved
      Chloroacetic acid copolymer:    compatibility
      Nitrocellulose:                              compatibility
      Alkyd resin:                                    compatibility
      Hydroxyacrylic acid:                      compatibility
      Epoxy resin:                                   compatibility
      Aldehyde ketone resin:               compatibility
      Isocyanate:                                    compatibility
      Amino resin:                                  compatibility
      VII, Notice:
      1, Storage at shade place, stay away from fire.
      2, Avoid to mix with Spontaneous combustion, strong oxidizing agent, acid and alkali
      3, Life time: 180 days in normal temperature, suggest to us in 90 days after received if over 90days need to retest all specification before using.
      4, Read the safety specification before transport, storage & using.

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