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      Water - soluble acrylic acid modified polyester resin
      Product Picture
      Water - soluble acrylic acid modified polyester resin


      I, Type: JIXIN®WLR-6500 is Water - soluble acrylic acid modified polyester resin
      II, Specification

      Item# WLR-6500
      Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid
      Solid content: 65±2%
      Solvent: PnB,PM, water
      Viscosity(23℃): 8000~12000
      Color(Gardner): ≤3
      Carboxyl content: 3.8~4.1
      PH value: 7.5~8.5
      Acid Value,mgKOH/g: 40~60

      III, Feature
          WLR-6500 is a super-disproportionation of water-soluble acrylic modified polyester resin with hydroxyl functional groups and has good adhesion on metal, Glass and Ceramics, excellent weather-resistant light-resistant properties and impact resistance. Adapt the production of water-based double-component polyisocyanate air-dry coating, as well as can produce water-based amino high-temperature paint or with the closed-isocyanate production of water-soluble baking paint. Because of the excellent pigment wetting properties, could be used as a pigment paste carrier. APEO free, in line with environmental requirements.
      IV, Application:
          Used as a co-reactant with polyisocyanate to formulate water soluble self-drying double-component coatings. Also could combined with amine-based resin for the production of high-temperature paint.
      V, Package:
      VI, Solubility:
      Benzenes:         insoluble
      Alcohols:           soluble
      Glycol Ethers:   soluble
      Esters:               partial soluble
      White spirits:     insoluble
      VII, Notice:
      1, Storage at shade place, stay away from fire.
      2, Avoid to mix with Spontaneous combustion, strong oxidizing agent, acid and alkali
      3, Life time: 180 days in normal temperature, suggest to us in 90 days after received if over 90days need to retest all specification before using.
      4, Read the safety specification before transport, storage & using.

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